Expansion of the breed

The Belgian Blue breed represents 50% of the national herd, which is is more then 1 mil. cows. 61 % of the Belgian Blue livestock is in the Walloon region and 39% in the Flemish part of Belgium. The Belgian Blue herd is spread all over Belgium. However, it is in the Provinces of Luxemburg, Hainaut and Western Flanders that the number of Belgian Blue is the most important. Whereas purebred Belgian Blue is used in Northern Europe for meat production, its extraordinary quality in crossbreeding programs has enhanced its expansion in the whole world. That is why we see Belgian Blues in France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New-Zealand and the Czech Republic too...

The breed is perfectly suited to a great diversity of soils and climates encountered in its international expansion. Its very calm temperament and its docility are also very much appreciated. Due to its exceptional qualities in crossing and full blood breeding, the request for breeding stock is constantly increasing worldwilde. In order to establish internationally the recognition of the Belgian Blue breed, 16 Herd-Book were created in Europe, America, Asia and in Australia. These 16 Herd-Books, members of the Belgian Blue International (BBI = l'Association Internationale des Éleveurs Blanc-Bleu Belge), work together in order to: harmonize the methods and criteria of identification and registration of BBB in the different Herd-Books; keep the registers and registration papers of the animals exchanged or sold; exchange information regarding the breeding of Belgian Blue; favor the exchange of genetics; cooperate in the promotion of the Belgian Blue breed; represent internationally the interests of the Belgian Blue. Thanks to this promotion, the preconceived ideas about the Belgian Blue disappear and the breed experiences an always growing success.

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